Singapore National Eye Centre

Job Title: Orthoptists Ė Full Time (2 year Contract) - Singapore
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Singapore
Date Advertised: 30/01/2024

Description: Looking for a fulfilling and dynamic career in Orthoptics? Why donít you consider joining us in SNEC on the sunny shores of Singapore! Singapore is a vibrant, pristine city and a melting pot of people from all over the east and west, each their own unique cultures, religions, food & norms.

The Singapore National Eye Centre is a dynamic organisation at the forefront of ophthalmic practice, providing a stimulating environment for professional growth and development. Itís a great workplace with a people-focused team culture that prides in providing professional quality care to our patients.
We welcome you to join "Team SNEC" in realising our mission of international eminence in ophthalmology.
Orthoptists Ė Full Time (2 year Contract)
Join us as a member of the Adult Strabismus and Paediatric Ophthalmology team. You will be involved in general orthoptic examination and paediatric ophthalmology sessions. You will carry out paediatric visual acuity checks, sensory and motor evaluation of squints, refraction, amblyopia diagnosis, counselling and orthoptic treatment.
There will also be opportunities for active participation in teaching and research projects.
Job Requirement
- Possess a Bachelorís Degree in Applied Sciences (Orthoptics).
- Proficient in spoken and written English.
- Able to communicate well with adults and children of different age groups.

Contact Details: For further enquiries regarding this position or to apply, please email Kathy:

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