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AEEHS Research Project Manager: Centre for Vision Research

Job Description:

Our new Research Project Manager will be responsible for†man-
aging the Australian Eye and Ear Health Survey (AEEHS):†
a nationwide survey of eye and ear disease.†† The position
involves frequent travel to States and Territories for
field work with responsibility for leading and managing recruitmen-
t and clinical examination teams. The teams comprise a
multidisciplinary group of culturally diverse health researchers
from a range of backgrounds, and higher degree research
students. The position would suit a candidate with experience
leading a research project/survey, who enjoys the challenge
and traveling to different cities, including Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander and rural communities in Australia.
It could also suit someone who is interested in pursuing
a PhD, with several topics available. You will work with
a team of leading researchers and academics to develop expertis-
e in the latest eye and ear epidemiological techniques,
and gain experience interacting with government bodies and
advocacy groups. You will hold overall responsibility for team
culture, engagement, and performance, in order to deliver
project milestones on time and on budget. Main activities: -
- Determine survey project resources, recruiting and
training, designing timetables and managing the project on a
day-to-day basis. - Arranging suitable site rentals, accommoda-
tion, transport of equipment and set up and appropriate
facilities to conduct the survey. - Regular field work
on site with travel interstate and to regional and remote location-
s. - Accountable for on-site recruitment, hiring and
training local recruitment staff, overseeing door knocking
and flyer distribution. - Providing regular project plan
progress reports to the Project Steering Committee. - Represen-
ting the Survey at sponsor presentations, recruitment
drives, governance meetings as needed. - Manage survey implemen-
tation stages to meet project milestones. - Assisting
writing up the final reports, and publication of survey finding-
s in government reports and peer reviewed scientific journal-
s and conferences. Essential - Bachelor's degree†or
higher in clinical eye health or related field desirable
(Vision Science, Optometry, Orthoptics, Medical Science or
Medicine). - NSW Driverís License - Ability and willingness
to travel interstate as needed for on-site supervision. Desir-
able Skills (not all required) - Experience with Leadersh-
ip of clinical or epidemiological surveys. - Experience
in using diagnostic eye health equipment - Experience communic-
ating health findings to professionals.†† - Leadership
in project management - Significant experience in people
management - Experience working with Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander communities WIMR welcomes applications from
people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage Sal-
ary: $90,000 - $100,000 + Super + Salary packaging available-

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